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Where Ideas Come From

No single designer has all the tools, ideas or creative thoughts needed to put together a Web site (or any other piece of creative work, for that matter). We require inspiration and/or assistance of one kind or another with every project.

Sources of Inspiration

Accordingly there are many people who, through their superb work in the expansive fields of both graphic and Web design, continue to inspire us. A few of them are listed below in alphabetic order by last name. Please take the time to view their sites and, if possible, avail yourself of their products and services.

Website Undergoes Major Redesign

PHP logo

This Web site was re-coded using the open-source PHP scripting language during June of 2005, allowing much more flexibility in design and maintenance. Please visit the home page of all things PHP at

The Web Standards Project

Drawing of a wasp, the logo of the Web Standards Project

Founded in 1998 and supported to this day by a respected team of Web designers including, but not limited to, the aforementioned Douglas Bowman, Tantek Celic, Andy Clarke, Eric Meyer, David Shea, Jeffrey Veen and Jeffrey Zeldman, along with many other Web standards advocates (read: evangelists), the Web Standards Project “… is a grassroots coalition fighting for standards which ensure simple, affordable access to Web technologies for all.” To read all about this most worthwhile of efforts, please visit their website at

Possibilities Unlimited WWW

(Please note:  searching our site will not yield any results until Google processes our submission request.  This should be complete by the end of April, 2005.)